Third opponent on its knees

Well, the third opponent is getting close to the knees anyway. I finished the kilt sock in time to have Donald try it on again at dance class. It still needs just a wee bit more adjusting. You see, I failed to account for the fact that when I added width to the calf area, the sock wasn’t going to stretch as much; therefore, I did not need to add height. Oops. This is the sort of thing you learn when designing your own patterns.

The last few days have been busy. On Friday Carisa, Ryan, Michael and I went to the San Mateo County Fair. I learned that county fairs are dying out because people aren’t really entering things for competition anymore. Carisa and I decided that next year, we are going to enter our yarncraft. I figure I’ll enter knit, crochet and handspun yarn. I urge any crafters out there to figure out how to enter your projects in your local fair. Let’s keep ’em alive!

I love the fair and try to get to there often, but we picked Friday for a very good reason:

Weird Al Yankovic was performing! I am aware of what sort of geek this makes me, but I adore Weird Al.

I figured if I went to the fair, I should see the exhibits as well. It’s funny, because Michael and I observed that when we were kids, the fair was all about the rides. Now I like to look at the craft vendors and competitions. There was surprisingly little yarn craft, but there were quilts everywhere.

We also saw animals. I have here some sheep, a camel, some baby birds, and a pair of alpaca.

It was a long, fun day!

This morning we woke up to attend a different sort of fair – the Renaissance Faire. I finally invested in a peasant costume. I figured the best place to pose would be right in front of the spinning booth. I spoke to the spinning lady at length. We discussed wheels, fiber, and the possibility of me coming to demonstrate next year! I need to tell my spinning friends about this.

There were other cool things to see at the Faire as well.

We had a faerie blowing bubbles,


and a host of other exciting things to see.

In case the last few days weren’t busy enough, I got more kittens. I actually went to the shelter in my peasant costume to pick up Tiki and Ling Ling’s other 3 siblings. The mostly white kitten with calico spots, the orange kitten, and the black and white kitten underneath the mostly white kitten are the new ones. I am babysitting, but they could become my fosters (depending on their mother’s situation when she gets back from her trip).

The other kittens are still with me, of course, making a total of 8 kittens in my foster room. We had to feed the littlest ones before we left this morning, and Ling Ling was lucky enough to have breakfast in bed.

Wisteria came out to play for awhile on her own (she has more energy than any of the other kittens), and she found her way to the Louet wheel I am borrowing. She went on the magic treadle ride a few times before I managed to get the camera, and by the time I tried to videotape it she had lost interest. It was so cute! Later I went to check on her and found her sacked out in the middle of the floor. I think she was in a sunbeam that moved.

Last but not least, Sunshine and Moonlight are learning to love laptime. Aren’t they cute?


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