Second opponent crushified

I’ve taken on my second opponent for the Ravelympics WIP Wrestling event and crushified it. The tunsian crochet cat bed has a mistake in it, but since the kittens don’t notice, I will also pretend not to notice. The colors are more accurate in the picture with Moonlight on it.

I went for the easy ones first. I figured that having fewer WIPs on the list would help me be able to see my progress. Plus, finishing 3 projects in 11 days seems much more doable than finishing 5. I am really working my way through the kilt sock right now. All I need to do is finish the fold-over part and I have completed the one sock for my goal. I am using the trinity stitch for that because all of the action happens on the backside of the work and this part has to be worked inside out. There is no translating for me to do.

I’ve also crocheted some of the Romantic Cardigan. The only one I haven’t touched is Jen’s sock. Really, all I have to do is stick it in my purse and it’ll get finished in no time.

I’m not the only person who likes that I am getting WIPs finished. Wesley always loves sleeping on my afghans.

I have a limited time with my spinning wheels as well. Sunday is the last of my spinning classes. 😦 The wheel I borrowed this week is the Ashford Joy. I LOVE this one. It’s small, so it could easily be stored in my apartment. I don’t need to reach down to start the wheel – it starts on its own when you treadle. Oh, and it has the double treadle that I really wanted to try. The only complaint I have is that the orifice (the tube that you feed the newly spun fiber through) is a little lower than I would like. That can be solved by finding a lower chair, I guess.

I bought some more fiber for my last few days with the wheel. It’s a tussah silk/merino wool blend. I’ve made just one singles so far. I am not sure if I want to ply it on itself or if I want to mix it with another fiber. Michael says I can buy a wheel when we have our class field trip to Purlesence, but I am not sure if I will be ready. It’s a big investment.

On Sunday, I mixed my mystery batt with the Waitaki that I had lying around. It’s 3-ply: 2 of the plies are Waitaki and 1 is the mystery batt.

My “nephew” Phil (Jen, send me a picture of your son) has asked that I make him a cat toy soon. He saw that I was knitting his mother a pair of socks, and figured that I could send him something to play with. He and his sisters Sam and Pookie have one I made a long time ago. They’ve shredded it by now, so I guess it’s time. I think this is the perfect time to start designing cat toys for a pattern book I’d like to write. I’ll make some of the patterns free on my blog, and some will be exclusive to the book. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a published author?


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