One opponent down

I’ve beaten my first opponent in the WIP Wrestling event. It was a long, imperfect battle, but I did it.

The Cat and Mouse Afghan (I call it Cat and Yarn on my Ravelry page) is now lounging on my sofa. I’ve had it in my hands for days now every time I sat down. Bit by bit the yarn disappeared, and in the end, I had an afghan. Groovy. Now, just 4 opponents remain.

I did less spinning than normal in class this week. Instead, I got to play with another tool that I thought I might want – a drum carder! Drum carders are particularly good for mixing different fibers and getting variegated roving or fiber blends. They make these things called batts. Mine looked like this (well it was one solid sheet, but I didn’t get to photograph it before the teacher showed me how to tear it into a usable form).

When the fiber was formed into a bump, it looked like this (since it’s variegated, I took pictures from different angles so you could get a better idea of what it looked like).

I’ve actually spun this fiber plus two bobbins worth of a complementary color and plied them. I will set it and take a picture. I am tempted to knit some of this one up before next class (although it does interfere with the Ravelympics projects – ugh).

I’ve also beaten an opponent in the kitten world today. Sunshine turned from being a scaredy-cat today into the most affectionate thing I’ve seen in awhile!

You can actually see the partial leg a little better in this picture. But look how happy she is! Linnea and I played with her for a good, long time last night. I think that she had such a good time playing with us that she decided we were friends after all. Sunshine got pretty helpful yesterday, too. She pottied Ling Ling for me (that is a job that I am really happy to hand over). It’s cute to see a small kitten with a mothering instinct.

Moonlight was incredibly cute last night, too. I use a thermal mug full of warm water to warm the bottles for Ling Ling and Tiki. Moonlight apparently likes warm water (very reminiscent of the way my cats drink water from the shower floor when I get out), and repeatedly went to the mug for a drink!

Wisteria has gone back to eating on her own. Last night she found eating to be too exhausting and fell asleep in her food!  It happened about 3 times before I finally got the camera. She had been wrestling the little kittens before her dinner, which is probably what wore her out. Today she got vaccinated and fawned over at the shelter. Two big days in a row – whew!

The tiniest kittens are finally getting teeth. When the first nubby little teeth come out, I add a spoonful of baby food (or in this case, regular wet food) to the bottle. Tonight both of the little ones ate wet food from my fingers. I need to tell Toni – she has their other 3 litter mates. I also saw Tiki using the litter box on her own today. It seems like they go from one stage to the next in a matter of hours. It’s kind of cool.


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