How does this work?

I’ll begin today with a question: Does anyone know how to get grants for a non-profit group? Please leave a comment if you do. I’ll follow up in email.

Here’s the thing – Toni’s Kitty Rescue (see my sidebar) was started by a volunteer who saw that San Francisco’s city shelter needed a foster program. Since Toni got started, her program has grown every year. As the group got bigger, she made it into an official non-profit group and was able to accept donations – all was fine and dandy. Now the group has grown so large that we need someone to do administrative duties about 20 hours a week. The woman who does it now has been volunteering (and she’s amazing, let me tell you), but she needs to make a living. Toni and the rest of us don’t want to lose her, so we’d like to pay her. The problem is that we don’t get enough in donations to do that – we would need to come up with $15,000 – $20,000 a year (maybe a little more). So, any help figuring out how to attain that goal would be greatly appreciated here. We’d like to continue saving these cute little guys in greater numbers!

The kittens I am fostering have been as darling as ever. Last night I had a lot of people in the kitten room – 5 to be exact. The undersocialized kittens did a great job – both of them purred at one point. The babies were loud and hungry. Wisteria was the center of attention as often as she could be.

One of my guests was holding Wisteria when she began to get bitey. I think she’s teething, so she kind of gnaws on whatever she gets her mouth on. When Wisteria bit my guest, he turned her over and folded her up so that she couldn’t get his fingers. Still biting, Wisteria got ahold of one of her own legs and bit pretty hard! She bit so hard, in fact, that she let out a yelp. I noticed this morning that her bites have gotten a lot gentler.

I haven’t gotten as much spinning done as I thought I would this week. It’s partly because I had several meetings to host and to attend, and partly because I don’t like the wheel I am currently using.

I think that the wheel itself works fine. I’ve learned 2 things from this wheel, though: 1) I don’t like the castle style because of the way you have to reach down to start the wheel, and 2) I don’t like the way that the treadle is best worked with the left foot. I treadled much better with my right foot, but I think that I am going to like the double treadle even better than a single right-footed one.

I need to top off the babies and get to bed (I just missed the midnight time line again!)


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