Sleeps on Pants

I may have to rename Serra “Sleeps on Pants.” She has this amusing habit of lying on any clothing I take off and put on the bed. She likes pajamas, jeans, whatever I was just wearing…

Serra and I communicate well. Neither of us speaks the other’s language, but we each have a pretty good idea of what the other is saying when we address one another. Serra has several different body language/voice modulation combinations that I can clearly identify. For example, when she wants to play, Serra rubs my legs and runs to wherever she left her rope-on-a-stick toy. The whole time she speaks in a very excited tone with short, desperate meows. When she wants her dry food (grain-free, in case Buttercup decides to try it), she gives me slightly longer meows coupled with the leg-rubbing and a trip to the bag where her food is stored. When Serra thinks I am not home, she sits in the living room and howls a forlorn, deep sound.

When I talk to Serra, she nearly always reacts with an appropriate response. When I walk into the bedroom while she is taking a mid-day nap, I often address her with a “Hi, Serra.” She generally responds with this cute little scratchy “Mama” noise. If I address another cat sleeping on the bed with her, she doesn’t respond. I found it particularly amusing that for the above picture, she climbed on it in response to a statement I made that went something like this: “Hey, Serra, I’m going to dance class so I am changing into more appropriate pants. I know how much you like sleeping on my clothes while I am out, so here are my jeans.” It was so cute, and I think she even said “thank you” when she got there. I love our relationship.

Wisteria is growing up more and more every day. She now understands that the food is for eating. She does best when I let her eat with the big cats, but if I lead her to it, Wisteria will stay at the food bowl now until she is reasonably satisfied. She’s also learned to almost exclusively use the litter box. I think she only misses when she is surprised by what’s coming.

For awhile I had to start her out feeding in my lap. She still associates me personally with food. She won’t eat much, if anything, when left alone with her plate, but when I am with her she scarfs it up. This is probably the most filthy part of her independence training – look at my pajamas! The baby eats with her entire body in the food, then she tracks little food prints everywhere when she goes away.

I’ve gotten a great deal of spinning done this week. I can spin for hours, but the teacher says that isn’t really good for you. I guess it’s like sitting in front of a computer for hours, which I can do as well. I had some fiber that I needed to spin for homework, so I got to my stuff first. I pulled about 200 g of fiber from a few different colored bags of roving I got recently. I chose bright colors that I don’t normally like so that I can make something with it or give it to someone else without feeling too attached to my work. I plan to make this yarn a 3-ply, so I spun about 1/3 of the total fiber. It looks good for someone who just got started, no?

I had to take the fiber off the bobbin since I will be using another wheel next week and the bobbins are not interchangeable. I don’t think using different wheels should be a problem as long as I keep the size of the singles the same and put in the same twist. I put chopsticks in the middle of the ball to keep the core from completely collapsing on itself in case I want to make a makeshift lazy-kate to ply it from. I meant to put a toilet paper tube over in the center of my ball-winder when I made the ball, but I kind of forgot until I had already started. Oh, well.

I’ve spun my homework yarn (work – never!). I just need to remember to photograph it before I take it in to class. We are supposed to ply it this week and dye it! Oh, joy! I love all things fiber right now. I cannot wait.


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