From Hovering to Hoovering

Two of my adult cats are food motivated. Around 8:00pm every day when we open their can of Wellness and divide it out on their plates, Wesley and Buttercup are hovering near the kitchen counters. They get underfoot and nearly kill us, and they meow like this is their first meal in days. They both have been obese and are now merely a bit overweight, so they aren’t starving. I think Wesley isn’t even in it for the food, to tell you the truth. He just likes to be fed. He’ll take 2 bites of the food after it goes down and walk away seconds later. Buttercup generally stays at the bowl, hoovering every bit she can stuff in so she can barf it up a few minutes later. She’s gotten better about it in the last year or so, but she does tend to eat too fast.

Wisteria is a bit like that with the bottle. She now flails and howls until I’ve gotten the nipple into her mouth. Even then she has to hold the bottle with one or both of her front paws, I suppose so that I can’t take it away until she has finished.  She only stops for a breath, then starts snuffling around for the bottle again.

It has been such a sad thing to her that in the last few days we have started the weaning process. She has pretty good teeth right now – I’ve been bitten in her attempts to eat wet food from my fingers, and let me tell you, it hurts! I have to make sure that Wisteria is hungry so that she will try to eat big-kitten food in lieu of the bottle. She will eat the wet food from a spoon and she can be led down to the bowl. She eats for just a few seconds, though, and then steps in the food on her way to look for the bottle. I make her try for about 15-20 minutes, then I let her have some KMR. She thinks I hate her now, but that will pass. It’s funny how they go from “that’s not food” to “I can’t wait for my next meal”.

I had to take Lani and Kai in to see the doctor this week. The two black kittens got sick and their bellies seem to be full of fluid. We are concerned that they, too, have FIP. Apparently it (like the ringworm) is also an epidemic this year. None of the kittens who have come down with FIP have lived in the same room, nor did they live here at the same time. They didn’t catch it from each other. It’s baffling and quite sad. We’ve put Lani and Kai on antibiotics. They are more lively now, but their bellies are still firm. I am hoping that it improves and turns out not to be FIP.

I took little miss screamy pants (I got my wish for more noise) to the shelter when I took the other two in for their checkup. Everyone there adores her. Untold numbers of people handled her until she passed out. It was good for me because I didn’t hear a peep out of her until late that night. Boy, when that girl gets adopted, she will be so spoiled! I wish it were going to be that easy for the others. Their fur color alone makes it unlikely that they will be adopted quickly. It’s a shame because Lani is quite affectionate. Kai needs some work, but he’s going to be great, too.

I am hopeful for my black kittens. They eat well (the 2 of them eat more than all 3 of my adult cats) and gain a lot of weight every day. Lani is still bright and friendly, but Kai tends to be quiet (but that may be because of his socialization level). Keep your fingers crossed that they get better.


2 thoughts on “From Hovering to Hoovering

  1. Found You!
    Haha – North used to gobble down his food do quickly he’d puke – we used to call him the bulimic cat! It is so sad you have trouble re-homing some purely due to their coat colour – North was a plain old tuxedo cat (although I didn’t think he was plain – glossy and beautiful) what he lacked in looks he sure made up for time and again in personality!
    I do hope your kitties do not have FIP and get better very, very soon x

  2. Awww… If I was anywhere near you I would happily adopt both black kittens. I used to have a pair of black cats before I moved. Had to leave them with my ex because the apartment I moved into doesn’t allow pets. I bawled. Those boys were my babies… I don’t understand why people still cling to superstition about black cats… I think they are just like any other cats, only better looking 😉

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