A good trade

I went in to the shelter yesterday and offered Blaze to one of the other foster parents. She is going to take it home and try it on. So, she may have gotten a nice gift.

I also got something nice.

This is Wisteria. She barely looks like a kitten at all – more like a burrowing animal. Her fur is so unusual and soft! It was love at first sight! I officially have a crush on a second kitten this year (I sure do move on fast, don’t I?).

Wisteria is pure cute. She is the quietest kitten I have ever had. I mean, I haven’t heard a peep out of her except when she is dreaming (and she’s an active dreamer – you should see her twitch). She sleeps more than I remember other kittens sleeping. She even sleeps through the night. I know it’s sacrilegious to say this, but I wish she would make a little more noise. It’s just that it makes me worry that something is wrong when she isn’t asking to be fed.

Wisteria isn’t so good with the bottle either. I waited 8 hours after her first feeding at the shelter to even try since she wasn’t calling for food – she was just sleeping. She rejected the bottle, and I’m talking full-on temper tantrum. She turned her head away, pushed my hands out of the way – she wasn’t having any of it. Finally, I got her to take milk from a syringe. I tried again today with the same result. I tried offering her a bowl of KMR mixed with a tiny bit of wet food. I know Nebby seemed small when I got him. He, too, rejected the bottle. But he was just a little bigger than Wisteria. His teeth were out just a little more than hers. She’ll be ready for weaning very soon, but I don’t think she’s really ready now. Just as I suspected, when I offered her the plate of mush, she dropped her face in it and made no attempt to eat. It was a conundrum. In a last ditch effort, I tried the bottle again. I squeezed it gently to get the milk on her tongue (she keeps her mouth open when I have the bottle in it, so I can easily see what is going in). All of a sudden, she started to suckle. She didn’t get much, but I’ll take it. I have a feeling it’ll be like this for the next few feedings at least.

For now, I’m going to aim for her to just maintain her weight and stay hydrated. I’m sure that it can’t be easy for her to lose her mother and have to learn to drink from a bottle all in one day. All I can do is wait. Just like with the sweater. I’m starting to detect a theme.


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