Hold Me



Alas, the patient didn’t make it. The neckline may have drawn in some, but not enough to keep the thing from falling to my waist when I put it on. It’s almost like I knit a larger size than I intended. My next thing is going to be to find someone who can actually wear it. Regardless of the trouble it gave me, Blaze is still so pretty and so soft.

I am going to take a break from knitting sweaters right now and concentrate on other projects. I am still making hats for Kristy, but at a slower pace. I plan to cast on washcloths for Alicia. And I cast on Clapotis. I am using Bamboo from South West Trading Company in Sahara. It’s very soft and drapey with a little shine.

I think it’s time to update my WIP list again. I think this will be interesting:

  1. Clapotis
  2. Jen’s socks
  3. Kilt hose
  4. Blaine’s blanket
  5. Tunisian crochet cat bed
  6. Romantic Cardigan
  7. Carisa’s afghan
  8. Cat Afghan
  9. A Kristy hat

Given the sheer number of blankets on my list, I think I will be finishing at least one of them up soon. I was inspired to crochet a cat motif for my Cat Afghan last night. There are only 4 more left, then I just add the finishing touches. It’s been awhile since I’ve completed a blanket, so it will be welcome. If I wanted to, I could complete the cat bed and the hat this week (but with the hat, I’ll just be casting on another right away). I seem to have a thing for having 9 projects going at a time. I wonder if I can get it down to 6 before I cast on something else. Of course, I may just be setting myself up for failure, given how much I like to start new projects.

I do have a bit of exciting news! I learned that there will be a spinning class in Mountain View starting this Sunday. It’s a long drive to be sure, but I am so looking forward to working with a wheel that I don’t mind. I have to go sign up for it now – can you believe that they are having trouble getting enough students?


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