Trying not to

I’m not going to lie – I am avoiding finishing Blaze. To finish it means that I may have to deal with a huge failure. It means I put tons of time into something that wouldn’t come out well (just like jury duty). I am in denial. I do know that if I just finish the stupid thing I can block it and maybe get somewhere. It can be good. I Just have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that it will not be OK. Ugh.

I’ve been doing everything else in the meantime. I’ve finished all 5 hats I wanted to make for Kristy:

Plus a washcloth for myself (at least that was something I worked on before I began avoiding Blaze).

And I am thinking about casting on some dishcloths for my sister in law. Maybe a few more hats for Kristy. Maybe I am going to cast on Clapotis…if I can figure out what yarn to use…

Things that I would rather do today than find out Blaze was failure:

  1. Clean the bathroom
  2. Sterilize the kitten room in phaze 1 of Operation: Obliterate the Ringworm
  3. Organize my entire office (wow, that’s a big one…)
  4. Step in a fresh (or heck, let’s go with cold and gooey) pile of cat vomit

I think you get the idea. You know what – I’m going out there right now to face my fear. I’ll graft the arms, wash the shirt, and pray. At least it will be over with.


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