Making things for other people

This job I have is tough. I’ve been talking for the last week about sending the big kittens on to be adopted. I’ve been looking forward to ridding my house of the dreaded ringworm. I even got new kittens to overlap my last few days with the last of the big kittens.

Still, it was hard to let them go. They all look good. Nebby really changed into a sleek, handsome young gentleman. His daddy adopted him today, and he is going home as soon as he can get neutered. Cream Puff came back from near death to fulfill her mission to get adopted. And would you look at Merry – he is gorgeous! He was so awful when I got him the foster coordinator thought he might not make it. Ah, the memories. I did feel guilty that I had to leave the kittens in a cage, but honestly, they will be adopted. They are too pretty to be ignored. Just like with knitting, you’ve gotta finish your project sometime so that the person for whom the project was made can enjoy it.

I’m a bit on-call tomorrow, so it should take my mind off of being big kitten-less. This morning a litter of 6 2-3 week old kittens came into the shelter without their mom. By the time I got in, someone had managed to trap their mother, and they did not need to go home with me after all. The catch is that the mother had not started feeding the babies by the time we all left the shelter today. She is feral, so she was pretty scared and sat curled up in her litter box. I am hoping that she relaxes a bit overnight and starts taking care of her kids. I love the tiny ones, but they are A LOT of work. If she doesn’t feed them, I will be called in to do the job.

As for my other finished projects, I’ve finished yet another hat for Kristy. This one is made of the yarns I mentioned in my last post. I used a pattern I found on Ravelry and crocheted away. I am going to work on the next hat in my queue, the Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I do have an ugly yarn for that one, but I think that it seriously won’t look ugly to someone else. You’ll see.


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