I had roughly 2000 yards of Andromeda, a silk/angora blend yarn from Artfibers, all neatly bound in a hank. When I put the hank on my swift and started to wind a ball, it started to tangle. I have no idea why. So, since I have owned this yarn, it has remained in a tangled lump. Today I really put my mind to it and – holy shrimp – it’s all untangled! Carisa helped me some on the 4th of July, but I’ve just spent spare moments here and there working at that thing for maybe the last year. I was hoping to abandon it, thinking I had enough yarn to knit Blaze, but I was thwarted. So, finally, no more untangling. I can knit!

The Andromeda yarn really is soft and works very well with the sweater. I love how it feels in my hands as it passes over the needles. I love how the subtle color variations make it look like a body of water. I love the drape. I just don’t love its tendency to tangle. If you are interested in this yarn, by the way, Artfibers only had 2 more cones of the stuff the last time I went there. It’s in a different colorway – I think shades of red. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Just an FYI.

I have another picture to add to my kitten tongue collection. I had no idea until I saw the big version, but I caught Cream Puff in an action shot with her tongue out. She was meeting Wesley for the first time. All 3 of my remaining kittens look like they could be his kids. I especially love how Nebby looks like mini-Wesley!

This may be premature, but I think I have finally vanquished the ringworm. It took forever – I has to switch from Tinactin to a generic yeast infection cream with miconazole to get the last of it to go away. It’s possible that the ringworm strain the kittens had was getting resistant to the first drug. Whatever the case may be, none of the kittens fluoresces anymore and their fur is growing back! The key is going to be sterilizing their room and filtering the air for a month or so before new kittens can go in there. I am going to temporarily move my operations to our small bathroom while the bigger dedicated room is being de-ringwormed. It’s inconvenient for sure, but if I can conquer the ringworm, boy howdy, I’ll do what it takes.


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