Naughty Kitten Pictures

Today I returned 3 of the kittens to the shelter to be adopted. I wasn’t planning to, it’s just that It became apparent that there are more kittens that need to be housed, and I really needed to let mine go. So, Milkshake (aka Scaredy Cat or Gigantor), Cupcake, and Biscotti are at the shelter and looking for a home.

I have the belief that when you lose someone, no matter how you lose them (moving, adoption, death) it’s better to remember the good times rather than dwell on the sadness of the loss. In that spirit, here are some pictures of the kittens being naughty or just plain cute.

First of all, I would like to point out that when you find most of your kittens reaching under the door, they just can’t be up to anything good. I think Wesley was on the other side of the door teasing them.

Scotti and the others just loved to yank the dish towel off the doorknob and wrestle with it. I have no idea why. If I didn’t remember to take it out of their reach I had to replace the towel when I put them away (recall the ringworm…).


Milkshake was another whole breed of trouble. As the biggest kitten, he was the first to realize that he could scale the baby gate we put up in the kitchen to keep the kittens away from our non-ringworm infested adult cats. Serra jumped the fence once, but Buttercup never got it and Wesely tried to plow right through it. Points to Serra and Milkshake.

Finally, we have Cupcake. She was bold and loved to explore things, especially if these things once contained cat food. I couldn’t find her once when I was herding the cats back into the kitten room, so I looked everywhere. It wasn’t until I got creative that I found her in the recycling.


Incidents like these are the biggest signal that the kittens are ready to move on to a new home. It’s not just that they’re more trouble than I want to deal with – I’ll remind you that all of my adult cats came to me as kittens. Naughtiness is a sign that the kittens are self confident and self reliant enough to make someone’s home a more exciting place. It’s a sign that I’ve done all I can for them. Each one of the kittens takes a piece of my heart with them when they go, but they leave me with an indescribable warmth and sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


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