Thank God Almighty, I am free at last

Holy cow – jury duty is over. It ended yesterday with the jurors coming to a decision on most of the questions asked of us. We could not come to an agreement on the final question, though, and we had to declare ourselves hung. I was the presiding juror – the foreperson. I feel a little bad that under my leadership we could not make a decision, but I am getting that maybe the lawyers could have done a better job making their cases. Oh well, water under the bridge.

On my first day of jury duty, before the jury selection, I began crochetting the baby blanket I am making for my nephew for Christmas. His mother reads this blog, but he can’t read yet (I’m not sure that he can walk yet…), so I’m cool posting the pictures. I learned rather quickly that I could get away with bringing my knitting to jury duty, so I dropped this project like a hot potato and worked on a few things that needed to be finished. On the jury duty form it says you can’t bring knitting needles, but I think they only care if the needles look scary. Sock needles and sizes 6 and 8 circulars aren’t quite in the scary category.

Tomorrow I am taking Merry and Cupcake to the shelter to get adopted. I plan to stay there with the kittens for a few hours, playing with them and trying to interest people in taking them home. If I am not successful, I will leave them at the shelter to try another day. As soon as Nebby’s daddy is ready, I am going to meet him at the shelter and hand over the object of my recent affections. Sigh. I know I’ll fall in love again, it’s just sad to say good-bye.

Now that I am in control of my life again, I plan to update at my previous rate. Thanks for waiting this long.


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