All is not well

I am not sure that I can recall ever in my life feeling as stressed as I do now. Deliberations are taking way longer than I thought, and they are way more intense than I expected. I actually come home in physical pain from the stress level. I am having chest pains that I can only attribute to anxiety. I cannot believe this is my life right now. I was so stressed for 2 days this week that I could not even knit!

Four of the kittens have made weight now: Merry, Nebula, Milkshake and Cupcake. Milkshake is the only one who still appears to have active ringworm in that group of 4. Cream Puff and and Biscotti are still doing battle with the fungus, but they aren’t really that close to 2 pounds yet so it isn’t that big of a deal. I am going to call Nebby’s daddy today to see if he is ready to do Nebby’s adoption and if he wants to adopt a playmate. I’ve given Nebby’s new daddy and grandmother a warning about the high energy level and attention needs of a kitten that small, and they seem to be seriously considering what I had to say. I have hope.

I had the person who commissioned the kilt hose try them on. He has an unusual build for a man, which is why he needed custom made kilt hose. He has short calves and smaller-than-average feet. When he tried on the socks, he was surprised at how snugly they fit. He asked me to reknit them a bit larger. Instead, I am going to wash them this week, as I know they have a tendency to get larger with both wear and washing. Proper fit can be so foreign to a person that it is mistaken for discomfort at first. He and I are both thinking that since he is not used to having things fit properly, the “discomfort” he feels with the socks fit may not be actual discomfort, but more like “proper fit”. More tests will tell.

As a person of apparently unusual size, I know that it is rare to have clothes ever fit properly. I have a muscular build, I am short, and I am well-endowed. In my case, if I find a shirt big enough to fit around my chest, it it too wide in the gut, making it look like a tent; thus, I have to find clothes with built-in structure. I have a similar problem with pants – if they fit in the waist and hips (and often nothing fits in both of those, either), they are really tight in the calves. 

So, for right now, most things are not going well. I think that it will get better, but I need distance from the situations to make them so. Wish me luck.


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