Almost there

If all goes well, my jury duty will end tomorrow. We’ve heard all the evidence, and we are just waiting for the closing arguements and we can go into deliberations. Woo hoo!

I’ve finished up a lot of last little bits of my knitting projects while we’ve been on our breaks. I need to untangle more of the yarn to finish Blaze, but then I have maybe 2 more inches and the last few rows of the neckline to go. Then I can graft the underarm seam and show you the pattern problem. So close!

I have finished the first sock of the two separate pairs I’m working on – the kilt hose and Jen’s socks swatch. I cast on a sock for Jen since the swatch came out ok. I am waiting to start the next kilt sock until I am sure the custom sizing is correct. I’ll know of Thursday if the recipient shows up to dance class.


I think it’s time again that I list the many projects on my hooks and needles, just to keep myself in line.

  1. The kilt hose (1 of 2)
  2. Jen’s socks swatch (1 of 2)
  3. Blaine’s blanket (for Christmas, unpictured thus far)
  4. Blaze (almost finished!)
  5. Tunisian crochet cat bed
  6. Romantic Cardigan
  7. Carisa’s afghan
  8. Cat Afghan

Wow, down to 8. If I discipline myself I can knock out a project or 2 before casting something else on. Oh, but here I go again – I want to knit hats for this person. (By the way, if you want to help, she needs the hats by September 5th) My sister-in-law Alicia asked me to make her some washcloths as well – some for her and some for a gift. All of these temptations are ruining me. At least I am at a low since I started keeping track. You know, I can totally finish that cat bed tomorrow at knit night…

Several of the kittens have made weight now. Gigantor(aka Milkshake) is nearly 3 pounds, but still flourescing a bit under the blacklight. Nebula just made 2 pounds and his daddy is checking in on him. I am going to check if he still glows tomorrow. I hope not – I want his daddy to get him soon and maybe take a friend. Cupcake made weight as well. That little purr machine (and pants climber, but let’s focus on her sweet side) would make a great partner for Nebby. Plus, she has no ringworm spots. She never got any fur loss, in fact, despite a few glowing flecks near her nose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed here.

Merry and  Scotti are getting close, but not quite yet ready. Cream Puff is lagging behind. She’s eating, so I’m not sure what the problem is – maybe she isn’t in a hurry. When they move on I am sticking to bottle-feeders so I can leave the kitten room empty for a month or two while I sterilize that room and the kitchen. I know it’s been an epidemic this year and I want to get rid of it!



One thought on “Almost there

  1. Thanks for posting Kristy’s blog link because I forgot the name. 🙂 I just finished two crochet projects so I know that my next crochet project will be a hat! 🙂

    Oh, and good idea about giving the kitten room a long time to get de-ringwormed!

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