A day of quotes

[Edit 6/20/08: Um, right, thanks Linnea – Wonder Mike. D’Oh!]

[Edit 6/16/08: added link to SuperMike’s website.]

Today was the World Wide Knit in Public Day. A woman by the name of Kathryn (pictured with Carisa) arranged the San Francisco event. Around 11:00 this morning knitters began trickling in to Union Square, usually in small groups, but occasionally as singles.

We saw several interesting things at the WWKIP event. Someone was absolutely brilliant to make a bag out of measuring tapes. You could measure anything by comparing it to the handle! 

A guy was going around interviewing people who were knitting in public. I heard someone call him Super Mike. Carisa got a business card from him, so I’ll update this page with a link to his blog and podcast later. He seemed like a really nice guy. When he got all of his interviews, he brought out his spinning! He had a spindle he called a Golding. It was pretty.

I heard some great quotes today. I had observed that we had quite a few knitters show up at our little event. I mused aloud that I thought the news should be covering us – I saw lots of tourists photgraphing us, so why not newspapers? Linnea had a sharp observation “Not unless we are doing topless knitting in public…” Super Mike did come by to interview us afterward, so I got my wish and I got to keep my top on.

Sometimes comments from Carisa require a little background. You see, Carisa doesn’t like children. I’ve never really wanted any myself, but I don’t have a problem letting those who actually like children raise them. Carisa doesn’t see it that way – she thinks people shouldn’t breed at all. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that Carisa announced “Why spend money on kids when you can spend it on yarn?” Ah, Carisa. 🙂  

Carisa had to take off to see some of her Petsitting clients after the WWKIP event, but Linnea and I went off to do other knitting related activities. We went to the bookstore where Linnea purchased this book.

I had to go to the restroom before moving on to the knit store, and would you believe it, I got another funny quote. I looked at all the doors, and another woman waiting informed me that they were all full. “Oh, poo,” I said. “Not yet,” she replied! The poor thing was horrified that she said something like that to a stranger. I assured her that I found her very quick witted and I was thoroughly amused.

So, after that incident, we made it to ArtFibers. I decided to purchase some fiber to spin. I found some silk called “Orissa” and some wool called “Waitaki.” 

My plan is to spin them separately and ply them together. I am in the market for a new spindle, by the way. I tried a top whorl spindle today, and I liked it better than the bottom whorl type. I just didn’t like the one I tried enough to invest in it. Does anyone have a favorite spindle maker? Please leave a comment.

I will leave you today with yet another cute picture of Nebula. The person who brought him to the shelter many weeks ago called me today wanting to know if Nebby was ready to be adopted yet. The guy was so cute when he left Nebby in the first place. Nebby was not eating well and hadn’t made any number two yet, so the guy took Nebby somewhere where the people knew more than he did about raising kittens that small. He was concerned about what I was going to do with his kitten when I came down to get him. I informed him that I was going to get the little guy vaccinated and take him home to love him to pieces until he was big enough to get adopted. When Nebby’s future daddy spoke to me today, I informed him that Nebby wouldn’t take a bottle for me either – he decided that he was a big boy and he could eat big boy food. It hadn’t occurred to the guy that Nebula was big enough for real food. I was surprised, too, just to be fair. I’ve always known that Nebby’s finder would come looking for him one day – I guess that time has come. 


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