My civic duty

I was called for jury duty this week. Up till now, I believed that jury duty was just a day where you were ordered to go to court and sit around all day until someone informed you that you had performed your civic duty and sent you home. It turns out, there is more to it than that.

My first day of jury duty was Tuesday. I showed up and was called to a courtroom. Since I had no hardship to claim, they asked me to fill out a questionnaire and come back on Wednesday. On Wednesday I was among the first people called to the jury box. After being questioned by the plaintiff’s lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer (I guess now is a good time to mention this is a civil case, not a criminal case), they found nothing wrong with me and swore me in.

So, now I can’t talk about what I am going to be doing with the largest part of my day. I will at least try to get some yarncraft done on my breaks. I met a knitter who will be a fellow juror, so I think this will be ok!


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