My first handspun!

This weekend, I’ve been relatively productive. I finished my first handspun yarn on Sunday. It started as a big wad of roving in a bag,

was spun into singles,

then plied to form this masterpiece:

I looked at other handspun yarns on the internet, and with all humility, I think I have some talent here. This is my first entire skein of handspun and it looks like things other people have for sale. I could get into this. A new world just opened up to me now that I can make my own yarn that looks any way I want it to look!

In kitten news, Merry’s abscess came back right after he was revaccinated. I had the vet lance it again today, and now I think I am comfortable doing it on my own. Basically, you get a sterile scalpel blade and pop it. After, you can flush it with iodine to make sure it’s clean. I’ll have to keep it open for a few days to let all the bacteria out by putting warm compresses on his wound. It’s nasty for sure, but the kitten feels so much better afterward.

The big cats never cease to amuse me. Carisa gave us a catsitter dvd for Christmas a few years ago, and my cats just love it. It’s a great way to keep them occupied when I am doing something they like to “help” with. Buttercup is the best – she watches the gerbil show while licking her lips. I should point out that Butters has never eaten anything that didn’t come from a can or a bag, so I’m not really sure what she thinks she’d do if these gerbils got out of the TV. It’s good to see that she has ambition.

Once the kittens started rolling in, I barely had time to manage the garden. I preplanned for this by doing all the work over the winter and early spring. I still get veggies and the like, but I don’t have to work quite so hard right now. Yesterday, we harvested our first onion and garlic! It took forever, but I’m proud of our work!





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