Coincidence? Or a sign…

I have too much yarn by many people’s standards. I mostly disagree, but occasionally I wonder how I filled two audio cabinets and a trunk full of yarn. Let’s not even go into the accessories. Those share a trunk with my sewing machine and sewing box. I think the sewing gear gets maybe a quarter of the space.

The yarn overload may have something to do with the knitting newsletters I sign up for. This time, it was’s fault (see how I avoid taking the blame?). I have been looking for a hemp blend yarn so I could make a reusable shopping bag or two. It was only something I was casually considering, not actively looking for. This months’s elann newsletter included – no, featured – the perfect yarn. It’s 52% cotton and 48% hemp. As I looked through the color choices, I saw the sign – there was one called Biscotti. I mean, it just can’t be a conicidence that I have a lovely kitten living with me who goes by the same name as the yarn.

While I was there I also indulged in some of the medici purple and a ball of their sock yarn. My justification logic is that shipping is going to be the same up to a certain weight, so I had to order just enough yarn that one more ball would put it in the next shipping bracket. The shipping cost per ball is distributed a bit more this way.

Speaking of purple projects… I meet with a knitting group every other Wednesday night. One of our members, Celia, is almost finished with a crop top she’s been working on. She had to try it on, even if it was unseamed. How cute is she?! When the top is finished, it should tie in the front. Well, that and the left sleeve should be connected.


I barely have any news about the kittens right now. Milkshake is still more likely to run from an unfamiliar noise than the other kittens, but he’s mellowed out a lot. His new favorite pastime is to lay upside down like a baby. He’s developed a red rash over his left eye that I would suspect was ringworm, except that the fur hasn’t fallen out. It’s likely he scratched it too much with the eye infection he’s had.

Merry is as messy as ever. He eats with both paws and his whole face in the food bowl, kind of like a puppy. I have to clean his face regularly because if the food stays stuck, it can rip his fur out when it eventually comes off. He has a few bald spots for exactly that reason. 

Cream Puff has gotten vain lately. She seems to understand the camera and poses like a supermodel. I still can’t believe she’s alive. She’s thriving, though.

Nebula’s ringworm spots are fading. You can barely see them in the pictures, but they are still visible in real life. The most important thing is that his fur is growing back. I got the rest of the kittens revaccinated today, so I am waiting to see if that hit to their immune system lets the ringworm flourish or if the prophylactic Sporanox and baths are working.

Let’s hope I win this one!



3 thoughts on “Coincidence? Or a sign…

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I am fostering a litter of kittens right now that have ringworm and it has been three weeks since I recieved them from the the Kern County shelter and the battle continues. Do you have any treatments that you can recommend. You mentioned that you sprayed your house to prevent spreading, what spray did you use? I have been using Lysol, and so far my dog and I have remained ringworm free (knock on wood). On the three kittens and mother, I have been using a mixture of bleach and water 1:10 ratio twice a day, as well as a bath twice a week. I have one kitten that doesn’t seem to be showing improvment. Also the mom cat, I suspect is pregnant and so I just want to get the ring worm off of her before she gives birth again. I called a clinic just to see what treatment they recommended, and they said Ivermectin shots. Have you heard of this. Anyway, just looking to see if there is anything else I could be doing, so if you have any words of advice, it would be greatly apprecaited.

  2. I’m glad you found what I had to say to be useful. I’ve sent you an email to see if we can help you deal with the ringworm.

  3. Celia’s crop top is finished. She modeled it for me again, and it’s a little too tight. She’s looking for a new home for it now.

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