Today I got a new computer. I have to reinstall a lot of software, so forgive me if my posts are not up to par for the next few days. I need to install Photoshop Elements so I can edit my pictures, but that priority falls a tiny bit behind installing updates and my office software.

I have spent much of the loading time today spinning, and I have to say, I’ve improved a lot! I feel my singles are much more consistent. I plied the singles I spun before, so I will have to show those to you as well. I’ll hurry with the installations, I promise!

The kittens are still well. Everyone has been gaining weight despite a very clear drop in their canned food consumption (from 5 cans/day to 3 cans/day). I think with the diarrhea going away, the kittens don’t need so much food to replace what nutrition they lost. Who knows what goes on inside their tiny little bodies when we aren’t looking?

A little off topic, but FYI: If you are considering getting Wii Fit, I highly recommend it. I have been using it religiously for days now, and I actually found myself concentrating on my posture a little bit more. I am more aware of my body and what I do to and for it. It’s been really good for me.


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