Making Progress

I’ve been working on my yarncraft this weekend. I’m making some progress, and I’ve even reached a new low in my number of WIPs – I’m now down to 8!

I completed this potholder on Saturday. I worked on it some on the car ride to and from the canoe trip and that night before I went to bed. It’s made with Lily Sugar and Cream cotton in ecru (the supersized ball) and in wine.

I also made a bit of progress on Blaze. I’ve discovered a problem that I will be able to illustrate better when I take out the reserved stitches for the armhole. I have to look up pattern corrections and see if I just didn’t do enough research, or if I discovered something new. I am positive I didn’t mess up – part of it works the way it should, and I counted and recounted the stitches. I’ve done it all correctly. It’s just that you make the sleeves separately, then knit them into the body right where the armpit should join. The pattern matches nicely on top, but underneath, there is a complete mismatch. Like I said, better illustrated later. I’m going to feel really stupid if I realize later that I did make a mistake after what I’ve said here.

On Sunday we washed the kittens’ room and the kittens themselves. It’s a bit of an assembly line thing with the kittens – I wash, Michael dries, then we put them in their freshly cleaned room. They’ll need to be bathed frequently until this ringworm thing is over. Even then, I’m not sure that I will be able to get that stuff out of my house!

Biscotti is a little down right now. He has lost about 30g over the last 3 days, and all he wanted to do today was to look at me with sad eyes. I gave him some sub-q fluids, and that at least seemed to stimulate his appetite. It’s worrisome, but there is a very good chance that he’ll start feeling better soon.


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