Making choices

My insomnia has absolutely wrecked me this week. I can feel it getting better now, but I just haven’t had ambition to get much done with my messed up schedule. So, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog, but I had to make choices about what to do with my time.

I photographed most of my stash for Ravelry. It took hours. I have a lot of yarn. I still haven’t gotten the pictures uploaded yet, but the hardest part is over.

Alexis’ blanket is complete. I can send it out with her brother’s present on Monday and that will all be settled. I learned from this experience that I hate weaving. I just loathed every minute of it. I tried to like it. I mean, it’s fiber art, that makes it fun by definition, right? Let’s just say it has taken discipline to finish. I like the blanket, just not the work it took.

I think that leaves me with just 9 WIPs. I suppose I should add that I started a potholder sometime in the last month or so. I’ve left it in the desk drawer for awhile, then I started carrying it around in my purse.  Let’s count the WIPs, shall we?

  1. Crochet potholder. I have no pictures yet, but I will post the FO.
  2. Blaze. (The sweater I showed the people in Vancouver)
  3. Kilt hose.
  4. Tunisian crochet cat bed. I think I am going to abbreviate this one and make it into a kitten blanket given that I saw a mistake the other day.
  5. Romantic Cardigan. I just haven’t touched it this year.
  6. Dishcloth. I haven’t really needed to replace any of the ones I have, so it isn’t that big of a deal yet.
  7. Carisa’s afghan.
  8. The cat afghan.
  9. Jen’s socks swatch.

The worst part is, I have every intention of starting a new project despite this list. I have jury duty starting the week of the 9th, and they don’t allow knitting needles in the building. The do, however, allow crochet hooks, so I am bringing the beginnings of my nephew Blaine’s blanket (hopefully to be completed by Christmas).

The kittens have been passing around a pretty nasty cold. I start them on meds the first day they lose a little weight and that seems to clear it up. It’s just that they’ve been stuffed up so they can’t breathe while they eat – so they quit trying. I think with the ringworm, the eye infections and the URI Nebby is on like 5 different drugs. That poor fellow.

On the bright side, the diarrhea is going away. I gave the kittens Albon for coccidia, and the distinctive smell went away. The poop only got marginally better – from pure liquid to pancake batter. I added canned pure pumpkin to their food, and suddenly we have poop with form. Yes, this is my life – the study of poo.  You should see the pictures I took for the kitten manual. Who photographs poop (other than someone with a fetish)? For the record, that isn’t me. <shivers>

Well, I need to try to sleep. We are going canoeing with some friends tomorrow morning, so I have to be up early (6:45) to care for the kittens before we leave.


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