Not Long

I believe I have reached a personal record for shortest time I have fostered a kitten. Sundae was great last night – he ate, he climbed my shoulder, and he was affectionate. This morning Michael went in to feed the little guys and found Sundae dead. I suspect he died not long after we went to bed because rigor mortis had just started setting in.

I had to return the body to the shelter this afternoon since they do necropsies to spot trends in shelter deaths. I was surprisingly ok with it, but I was careful to hide the body from anyone who might not be prepared for such a sight. Finding and bagging the kitten made Michael realize how much he respected the shelter vet – he said he just couldn’t stand to open up a dead kitten.

But, on to brighter news. When I went to the shelter I was given another of the Desserts’ littermates who was just trapped and brought in. He is a little skittish, but he is coming around fast. It’s amazing how good a bowl of food can make your captors look ok after all.

This is Milkshake. He’s bigger than all the rest of them, including Nebula. I even got a picture of his tongue!

Nebby grew for me today. He gained about 26g. I think he just missed me and went on a hunger strike.

Most of the kittens are taking antibiotics right now. Meringue has such long fur that EVERYTHING gets caught in it. He is saving the antibiotics for later, I guess. 



I have another FO to show you. I couldn’t put the picture up when I actually finished because I wanted to wait for my Aunt Anna to get it first, just in case she was checking my blog.

It’s the sheep pillow!

My next deadline is Alexis’ blanket. I wanted to send all of my neice’s and nephew’s birthday presents in one box since their birthdays are close to one another. If I don’t finish, I at least have a ton of stuff I’ve collected for Blaine over the last few months. It won’t be an underfilled box.


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