So many things

I have more kittens! Nebula came back to me with 5 new siblings. Here they are:

This is Biscotti. He is tiny (249 grams) and way too skinny. I suspect that problem will go away pretty quickly given that he loves to eat.

This little beauty is Cream Puff. She is much prettier now that we’ve bathed her.

Cupcake is a sweet little girl. She eats dry food on her own, so I think she will be one of the kittens who fares the best from this group.

This scraggly fellow is Meringue. He had an abscess that had to be lanced this morning. He looks nasty, but he is actually in pretty good spirits and he eats a bit of the wet food on his own.


This tiny one is Sundae. This poor little dude weighs only 186 grams! He has teeth and loves being syringe fed. Heck, Merak weighed more than this one before he died. Sundae has a bit of diarrhea now. He was sitting on my shoulder for awhile tonight, and when I walked out of the room I noticed that there was cat poop in my hair! Sundae hasn’t figured out the box yet, so he just poops wherever he is. He even managed to crap a trail right down my back. Yuck! Once again, good thing cats are cute. That should be my motto.

And who can forget Nebby! He isn’t any bigger than when I dropped him off (he only gained 5 grams in 11 days), but his eyes have turned a pretty shade of green.



Michael took some pretty neat pictures while I washed the kittens. Notice that Meringue looks fluffy in this shot. Also, check out the way the camera caught the water as it fell.

And what would a kitten with a fluffy face look like if you got that face wet?

I promised a squirrel story last time I blogged. Well, Michael and I were sitting on a little dock by Beaver Lake when a black squirrel approached us. I’m pretty sure that he is used to people feeding him because he gave me the sweetest little begging face. I told Mr. Squirrel that I didn’t have anything for him to eat. He moved closer then and gave me an even more pathetic face. I searched my purse, but all I could come up with was a mint. I put it on the dock, and Mr. Squirrel came running up to see what I had given him.

“Oh, that’s not food,” he impressed upon me. “It’s all I have,” I told him. Mr. Squirrel them picked up the mint and gave it a lick. “No, I’m sure that’s not food. What else have you got?” I started looking through my bag again, hoping to find the granola bars I often carry for quick snacks when I am starving and nowhere near food I can eat. The next thing I knew, Mr. Squirrel had put his tiny little paw on my knee and gave me a look that reminded me of the kittens. I almost wanted to pet him, but I didn’t want him freaking out and biting me. I continued to look in my purse, so he lifted himself up a little. “Let me help you find something in that bag for me to eat.” I was sure he was going to snuggle in my lap!

In the end, I really did not have anything for the little guy. “I’m sorry, but there really is nothing in there,” I apologized. Mr Squirrel shrugged, “That’s ok.” He then went on to pose for a few pictures before scampering off down the path in search of more people who might actually feed him. I tell you, even the animals are nice in Canada!

I made one more stop on Granville Island at a store that sells yarn – I believe it was called Maiwa. They don’t specialize in yarn – they seem to have lots of art supplies. They did, however, have a nice selection of dyes, roving, and some higher end yarn. I bought some merino roving and I intend to borrow Carisa’s drop spindle. I really would rather learn to spin on a wheel, but I think that a spindle will have to do for now. I’ll post a picture of the pre-dyed roving before I spin it.

We spent our last night in Vancouver at Grouse Mountain. If you search for Grouse Mountain from Google you will come up with 2 choices – the Summer or Winter homepage. I find that fascinating, but it makes sense. A lot of the hiking trails were closed off because of the snow. It’s so weird to have snow when it’s like 70°F. I experienced that only once before when I went to Wyoming.

We ate at the Observatory Restaurant on Grouse Mountain. Holy cow was it expensive. The prix fixe menu was $110/person or $130/person with wine tastings with every course. I didn’t really like much of what was on the prix fixe menu (I’m not much for seafood, and the menu was mostly fish), so we ordered a la carte. We spent nearly as much per person even without so many courses. That hurt the wallet! I will say, it was a great splurge given that the food was excellent and the view was incredible.

I have made just a little progress on the sleeves for Blaze.

I still need to untangle more of the yarn from the wayward hank in order to finish the project. Check out my sunburn.


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