Checking in and golfing

I am not going to post more pictures until I return home. The internet connection at my hotel is abysmal so it takes forever to upload anything. Plus, I’m using my husband’s laptop which doesn’t have my photo editing software (which I use to make the pictures a more manageable size).

I slogged through my email yesterday and today despite the slow connection. It almost seems like dial-up. Anyway, I learned that Merak also died earlier this week. If I am understanding the news correctly, he died of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitus). That disease is incredibly lethal. It sure explains why those kittens were so unhappy all the time.

In other kitten news, I should have some more on Sunday! I may even get Nebula back (oh please, oh please, oh please!). Speaking of handsome little guys, I have a very cute squirrel story to tell when I can upload pictures again.

Today we didn’t do all that much. Mostly, we went to a pitch and putt course in Stanley Park. I got a legitimate par on one of the holes! The rest of them, I am sad to say, weren’t so hot. There were holes as short as 40 yards, but still I managed to get 4-7 strokes per hole. The other golfers were relative beginners, too, which means I had time to photograph the beautiful course between holes. I had such a terrible time that I plan to do it again tomorrow. I think we’ll try to go to Queen Elizabeth Park next. I just need to remember the sunscreen this time. It has been overcast most days this week, so when it got sunny I just forgot to protect myself.


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