Just a quickie

We are leaving tomorrow, but I wanted to get another post up before I am in questionable internet connectivity.

Oscar did get adopted when he went to the shelter. The new adopters emailed me about how perfect and wonderful he is. I am thrilled he found someone since he has a much smaller chance of getting adopted when the kittens are in the shelter full-force.

I almost had good news about Merak. A mom cat came to the shelter today with only 2 kittens. I put him in with her and tried to show him a nipple. The mom was very nice and tried to let him nurse. Merak has apparently been on the bottle too long, however, and could not find a nipple even when I moved the fur away and put his face on it. He went home with another foster mom who tried the same thing with the 2 bottle feeders she had. They didn’t get it either. Oh, well.

I have to run and pack (must remember the camera) and finish the laundry. I also want to be sure the kitten room is ready for when I come back. I might want to get kittens when I get off the plane!


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