Falling Stars

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t given much space to Oscar here. He is actually quite cute! He is affectionate and incredibly sweet. He’s only spent a week with me though, and it was when I had 9 foster kittens. Still, I want to talk about him a bit.

So, here he is! I picked him up with Argo and Leo the day they got neutered. He didn’t really know how to play with other kittens, so his neuter-mates hissed at him a lot. Orion, Lyra and Nebby were much more accepting of him, and within hours I saw them snuggling with Oscar.

Oscar was held back by the ringworm thing, but he seems not to have contracted anything. He did come down with a little cold after the surgery. That happens sometimes. His body was stressed with the surgery, so a latent bacterium took advantage of him. In just a day after starting Clavamox he got better.

So, Tuesday just got worse after my post. Linda (the wonder foster parent) took me to pick up my car from the shop after we spent a little more time at the shelter. I spoke to the mechanic about the state of my car (the bill was MUCH smaller than I expected) and the history I’ve had with it. Long story short, they advised me to sell my car and get a new one. It’s a lemon. It started having trouble at 27,000 miles and has just had more things come up since then. So great, I lost a kitten and my car (which only has 36,000 miles on it) got a death sentence.

Later that night, Mizar began to show signs of distress. He lost about 25% of his weight and wouldn’t nurse. He was dying too. I made the decision to call Linda again and have the poor thing euthanized. It was a hard decision, but I already saw how the story ends that morning. We put Mizar on a heating disk while we waited for Linda to come pick him up and send him to the shelter. He purred while I pet him, trying to say my goodbyes. This is how I last saw him. He at least seemed happy.


With the double stars gone, I had to concentrate on Merak. He spent a lot of time covered in the diarrhea from the other kittens. I had to wash him several times a day – sometimes in part, sometimes all over.

He is fussy a lot, but it seems to be more about teething than wanting milk. Besides, if we overfeed him it will make his diarrhea worse, and we all know where that ends. Instead, we gave him a nipple to use as a pacifier. I should make it clear here that if you do that, it is important to make sure the kitten doesn’t chew off part of the nipple and swallow it. It could end up in his intestines.

Merak is doing much better without the other kittens waking him up and pooping on him all the time. He actually gained weight today, so that gives me hope. He has diarrhea, so I spend about half of his feeding times giving him pure Pedialyte. He is by no means out of the woods. I could wake up tomorrow and he could take a turn for the worse. I still have to try.

For now, this is my reward. I love the way Merak gets so happy and purrs for me when I feed him. It’s like he is saying “Good job, mom. You figured it out.”


I have transferred all of the bigger kittens to another home in preparation for my trip on Saturday. Merak will go somewhere else tomorrow. Oscar was taken to the shelter today, perhaps to be adopted.

This morning I was able to spend the day at home with Merak. I turned on the computer to put up my blog post, but I had no internet connection. I tried to print a summary sheet about the Constellations and Nebby for the new foster mom, but the computer wouldn’t recognize the printer. I restarted the computer, but it hung up in the boot screen. So, that’s one more thing that went downhill this week. (I have had the foresight to get an external hard drive for my pictures and documents I want to save). I’m going to have to get a new computer when we get back. Just a word of advice about that – don’t buy from Best Buy. The computers are crap (I’ve had 2 in a row just spectacularly fail. Once the motherboard was bleeding, and the second time it started out looking like a virus, but turned out to be a hardware failure), and now they aren’t including the operating system disk so you can format if you have to. They charge you $25 for it. They say it is for “shipping and handling.” Funny that aol would be willing to send those junk mail cds if it costs that much. The computer dies right about the same time as the warranty runs out, and they will not support you. I’m looking for a Dell next time. We’ve had great experiences with my husband’s laptop.

Oh and the icing on the cake – I just realized that I forgot to return my library books yesterday. Now they are overdue. Swell.


One thought on “Falling Stars

  1. have you considered getting a Mac? They have an excellent track record with “staying healthy”.

    Reply: I can’t play the video games I have on them. They are all for PC, and I have over $300 in The Sims 2 alone. I am kind of on a path here…

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