Why I’ve been absent

This week has been incredibly busy. My father came here to San Francisco from Manila, Arkansas, so I’ve been showing him around. I’ve been bottle feeding the Star Kittens. Nebula needed to be weaned. The Constellations developed a mysterious skin condition that caused some fur loss, but it seems not to be ringworm. As you can imagine, I have been really busy. I’m lucky if I get time to sleep, let alone blog or even knit. Just a few more days…

First, the kittens. Leo and Argo went to the shelter today to get neutered. I’ve put in a call to the couple who was interested in some of them, so I hope they can get adopted soon. I get to keep them at home until that happens. However, with our trip to Vancouver coming up soon, I fear they may be spending a few days in the shelter before they get a home.

Lyra and Orion are really close to being ready – maybe a week away, maybe a few days. I’m in no hurry to see them go, but I do want them to get a permanent home. What a conflict!

I got several more great pictures of Nebula recently. I think the one next to Wesley is particularly neat – they are such different shades of gray. I keep thinking of Nebby as a little Wesley, but he really is quite different (except for that totally loveable part).

The Stars are growing well. Merak has almost doubled in size in this past week. Mizar has a little problem where every time he eats, the milk comes back out of his nose. I checked inside his mouth – he doesn’t have a cleft palate. I tried every trick in the book to slow him down, figuring this was a behavioral problem. It scares me because if he gets the milk in his lungs, he can catch pneumonia and die. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen. As for the big news, on Tuesday Alcor opened his eyes! The other two have their eyes half opened at this moment. I will get a picture at their next feeding. I learned very quickly that one should never disturb a sleeping kitten, and right now, they are out cold.

I got a few nice pictures while out with my father this week. I love the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf:

And Muir Woods is such a tranquil place to spend a few hours.

I should be able to post more next week, but I can make no promises while I am in Canada. I will take lots of pictures though, so you’ll hear about it somehow!


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