Every year I fall madly in love with one or two foster kittens or mother cats. I can’t help it – it’s in the nature of my job. I have to care enough to keep them alive despite crying, vomiting, diarrhea and other nasty things that happen to kittens. I can’t watch a human being puke without retching a little bit myself, but if a kitten barfs I just pet him until it all comes out. As you might imagine, my feelings for the kittens necessarily turn into love.

On Tuesday I met my first major kitten crush of the year – Nebula! Isn’t he handsome? He is just learning to eat kitten food and use the litter box. He’s catching on fast, but he’s not there yet. He is really soft and almost felted. We think he’s going to be the long-haired matting sort.

Little Nebby is living with the Constellation Kittens. If you were keeping count, Nebula makes 8. He is right in between the Star Kittens and the Constellations in every way. Thankfully, Lyra and Orion really step up to the plate and keep him company. In the morning one of them is always snuggling with the little fellow. Argo was a little afraid of Nebula at first, but when he discovered that Nebby gets milk in his wet food, Argo decided to make friends (because friends share, right?). Leo doesn’t really notice the newcomer.

Nebula has proven incredibly easy to wean. He wasn’t really interested in the bottle when I first took him in. I offered him a mixture of KMR and wet food fed through a syringe, and he gobbled it like his first meal. At the next feeding we syringe fed him and lowered the syringe to the food to get his focus downward, A few more of those sessions and he started looking downward right away. Lucky for Argo, Nebula eats best when he has a partner. I don’t think it will be long before Nebula starts eating with the big kittens. He still gets a little confused, though:

Orion is the smallest Constellation, so Nebula views him as a playmate. He actually tried to jump on Orion from behind! His reflexes just weren’t quite there yet.

I still can’t get enough of pictures of cats with their tongues out.

The Stars are still hanging in there. They are putting on a great deal of weight – they grew nearly 20% their first day. All of the umbilical cords fell off as of yesterday. They have gotten colicky lately. They can scream for hours and nothing I can do will console them. It just serves to remind me why I never wanted a baby of my own in the first place. I got a tip from searching the internet about putting Gripe Water in their bottles. I am not sure if that is what did it, but I haven’t heard as much screaming since I started adding it in.

This is not the most in-focus picture, but this is how I generally saw the kittens before today. This would be why I am now dubbing them the “screamin’ demons.” I still love them, but man are they loud!


5 thoughts on “Nebula

  1. I regulary have kittens to bottle fed and wean and find homes for. It is very rewarding. I might have a solution for your little one with colic. I had a similiar problem with one of mine. I changed brands of formula and I went to a cheep store and bought the largest bra they had. I put it on over my clothes and placed the kitten in it head up of course. I then proceeded to go about my business and only stopped to fed or toilet the little one. It seemed to her being upright and close to my heart. Not sure if this works but it saved me.


  2. Cheryl,

    Thank you for the suggestion about the bra to carry kittens around in. I had a similar idea myself, but I haven’t had bottle-feeders to try it out on. I see those people who carry babies in a sling, and I think that might work for kittens. I’ve carried some of them around in a shirt that has a shelf bra in it. It seems weird if you aren’t a cat mom, but I believe that is what a shelf-bra is for. It’s a soft, warm place for kittens to sleep near a heartbeat.

  3. Hi, I work with the SPCA in my home town, I know what you mean, your babies are so cute, I raised 8 little one they were 3 days olds man I can tell you no one in the house got a lot of sleep but I did manage to save all of them and all have new homes, but me being me had to keep one I call her Pussywillow she is a calaco and what a baby , so in all I have 6 cats and 3 dogs I must to crazy.
    Today the SPCA called me and they needed help with 5 more 2 weeks old kittens, one little guy is very special needs so of course I said yes, the little one I have named Bug and he comes to work with me so I can keep a eye on him and bottle feed him when he is in need the other ones stay at home and are eating soft food very will.
    I would very much like to keep in touch, I know you must have a lot of good tips that would be very helpful.
    Thanks, I love you story
    Have a great day.

  4. I came to this site looking for a pattern to crochet a kitty sling I have looked all over the web but just can’t find anything, if I was smart I would make my own pattern but just can’t get it right.
    If anyone knows of anything like this would love to here from you.
    Can’t wear a bra around the office can take the kitten in but the bra would be pushing it.

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