My new bosses

I thought today was going to turn out badly. Wesley woke me up at 6:00 this morning even though I only managed to get to sleep after midnight. We got to our 8:00 golf class, opened the car’s trunk, and discovered the golf clubs were not there. I was able to borrow clubs, but they were different and it screwed me up. Then, when I got home, I tried to update my Nav system’s maps, but I discovered I was short a memory card. Grr.

While I was drifting off on a nap (I even had the kittens out for extra sleep induction), I got a phone call. I almost didn’t answer it, but it could have been important. I’m glad I did answer, because the woman on the line called to tell me I have 3 new bosses. I assure you, this is good news.

Their eyes aren’t open yet, and they still have umbilical cords. We’ve named this litter after stars in the big dipper. My husband tells me that Mizar and Alcor are a double star, and Merak is a pointer star in the big dipper.

I should add a disclaimer at this point. If you have a soft heart, you might not want to read about or get attached to kittens this young. When they lose their mother at this age, they stand only a slim chance of survival. I could lose one or all of these kittens. Their story is sad, but typical. Someone left a box of kittens on the shelter doorstep. I am not sure if the person just found them somewhere, or if they had a pregnant cat and just dumped the kittens (at least they didn’t kill them in that case), or if there is another story. Whatever their story, they are safe and well loved here.

Lyra sure is bigger than the new kittens are.



I now have 3 different sizes of cat in my house. Wesley is so huge in comparison (but terrified of those tiny things).

Just to give you an idea of what the difference is, Wesley weighs roughly 7000g (15.5lbs), Lyra weighs 750g (1.5lbs), and Merak weighs 125g (0.25lbs). Wesley is at least 56 – 62 times the size of that kitten. I cannot believe he is such a wuss! I love him anyway. 

I hadn’t realized how much the Constellation Kittens had grown until I got the new babies. Lyra was really sweet about them. She wanted sniff them, to clean them, and to snuggle them. She’s going to be a great cat for whomever adopts her!


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