Twilight zone

In the last few days, the kittens have been terribly ill. Orion and Leo lost 50g-60g apiece, which accounts for about 20% of their body weight. They had been vomiting all the time and couldn’t get anything down. They had to receive sub-q fluids, which just kind of pissed them off.  I fed them Pepto Bismol and Pedialyte. I thought for sure they were going to need an emergency trip to the doctor.

The next day, they were all better. Just like that. I think they just wanted to make more of my hair turn grey. With kittens, it all happens so fast.

While the babies were infirmed, Serra stepped up to the plate. She missed her calling in life – Serra is a great mom. I have absolutely no regrets about spaying her, mind you. However, I really do appreciate her help with the fosters. As a bonus, Serra even works on her birthday (it was April 10th).

Later that day Buttercup got weird. She has never been into sharing. I mean, she won’t share her daddy’s lap with my feet when we are on the sofa. Despite that, check this out:

I guess she was just giving Serra a birthday present. Good for you Butters, giving Serra something she has always wanted. Serra, just as strongly as Buttercup hates her, loves Buttercup. She has done nothing but seek Buttercup’s affection since we adopted Serra 4 years ago.

I take the days that all is well at home to run errands. The best of these errands was the yarn store (though that was just a side trip). I found this lovely yarn:

I cannot seem to photgraph it well. The yarn is from Blue Heron Yarns. It is made of rayon and some gold metallic thread. It sparkles in the sunlight. The shades of blue – just wow. It totally looks like space. I know exactly who should get this yarn… I just don’t know what to make it into. Ugh.

If anyone has a good suggestion (the weight is maybe dk, maybe sport weight), please let me know.


One thought on “Twilight zone

  1. If the drape is nice, I would suggest a small, lightweight shawl. If the drape is more rigid, I suggest a cute handbag with a fabric lining that will make the glitter pop!

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