Good thing cats are cute

I am cleaning house today. My office still needs work (which is actually possible to do now that I have the massive storage desk) and my kitchen… well… yuck. I started with a project in the office because I can take breaks to knit pretty easily. I just left the knitting on the desk and occasionally knit a row or 2 when I felt I had made enough progress with my organizing project.  

At some point I noticed Serra lying on the sweater I’ve been making. I didn’t worry about her – she was sleeping, not looking naughty in the least. 

 See that? While I was actually doing housework, Serra was being sly and evil. She severed the yarn without my noticing her. How does she do this? The worst part is, I know Serra is an evil genius capable of destroying knitting. That’s why most of my needles are metal now despite my preference for wood.

This doesn’t seem like such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I have my reasons for being particularly upset about this. When I bought the yarn, it was a massive hank that would allow me to at least knit the body of a sweater without breaking the yarn, thus avoiding the problem of the woven-in ends showing through. I spent hours untangling the yarn (the rest of it is a huge mess) so I would have a huge ball with no ends to weave in. I had been able to protect it until today. Just a few minutes unsupervised with Serra, and all that is gone.

Good thing Serra’s cute, or I might have to sell her to the circus.




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