First, the big news. We returned Cassie to the shelter yesterday to be adopted. She was done with her kittens – she actually started swatting at them when they tried to nurse. She just cried every minute that she was locked up with the kittens. This morning she managed to let herself out of the kitten room. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I am guessing it has something to do with me not closing the latch properly.

The good news is that Orion, who had not been gaining much weight, has been eating like a champ since he can’t nurse anymore. I think that the milk he could get was taking up too much room in his tummy and not delivering enough calories. As much as it hurts me to separate a mother cat from her kittens, I know that this was the right thing to do. I’m not sure that the kittens miss her all that much.

I let the babies out to play while I had Carisa and Ryan over for bridge and other board games. Orion is really needy, so we put him in his auntie Carisa’s pocket. He is total kitten cuteness! Check this out: Leo and Argo had a great time with their new toy. Bridge night was wild for everyone!

The swatchThe swatch from the last post is coming along. I just love the yarn – it feels surprisingly sturdy and soft. I highly recommend Berroco Comfort sock yarn. The stripes are subtle, yet attractive. Very nice indeed.

I spent a great deal of time this weekend not knitting. My old computer desk was falling apart. Whenever I bumped the side of the desk, the keyboard tray and all that was on it went crashing to the ground. Serra thought it was just great to jump up on top of it (since there really was no desktop space to lay on) and pluck thumbtacks out of the corkboard. None of it was working for us.

Buttercup loves the kitty spot on the new deskSo, we bought a new desk. I was tired of all the college furniture we have – it is all particle board and it is all worse for the wear due to our frequent moves. I went to my favorite real wood furniture store and found this desk on clearance. I love this desk. It has plenty of space for all of my junk, plus extra space to put a cat bed. Everyone has slept there at some point already. Buttercup was there in the picture, and Serra and Wesley are there right now sharing the bed. It is truly a miracle.

The desk did not get so well organized on its own. I spend hours unloading baskets of desk junk into the drawers and cabinets. I set up the computer with some help from my husband. I know how to set up my computer and all the peripherals, just for the record, but I am a very small person and I cannot reach everywhere to thread the cords through.

I learned a lesson this weekend. I was sitting on the newly taller desk chair organizing all the junk, when all of the sudden, this happened:I can’t win.


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