A Finished Object!

I have my first FO since starting the blog! The purple socks that I took to Florida with me are now finished.

Front of Striped Socks   Striped Socks from the Side

If you zoom in closely to the second picture, you can see that I tried a different bind-off idea. I had particular trouble making a loose enough bind-off for this sock, so I went to the knit store and bought tan elastic thread. I used that for my bind off row, and now I am having no trouble with getting them on. The only problem I forsee with using this method consistently is that it’s hard to match the elastic thread with the sock yarn. You either need deliberate contrast or a close match. I think this method might work well if I were to hand dye some yarn. I could toss the thread in with it, and shazibby – I have matching thread!

In a moment of weakness, I may have tried casting on Jen’s socks (from the Berroco Comfort yarn) last night. I wanted to finish one more object before starting another. Oh, I know – what I cast on was just the swatch. Swatches don’t count as new projects. I have swatches from several projects that I have not yet gotten to lying around. Yeah, that’s it. It’s a swatch, and no one can tell me otherwise. 🙂


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