Vomit Virus

It turns out that Cassie just had a vomit virus that was going around. My landlady’s cat caught it, and several of Cassie’s kittens did as well. None of my resident cats have been sick, thankfully.

We had a kitten party last Saturday. I just had a few friends over who wanted to meet my first babies of the year. I am hoping to host regular – maybe monthly “Knittin’ and Kittens” parties. Of course, we would have to separate the activities. Knitting and Kittens seem to go poorly together!

I got some really cute pictures at our party.

Suzanne and Carisa love kittensLyra sleeps upside down

I took some of these kitten pictures before and after the party:

Leo sleeping on Michael’s footLyra looks worried all the timePile of sleeping Constellation kittens

How cute (and tiny!) is Leo?! They all love laps. and Leo is great at finding space in unusual spots like the underside of his foster daddy’s foot. Lyra always has that worried expression on her face. And the last picture – who can resist a pile of kittens?

I thought I would just add a video we took last year when we had to bottle feed a kitten. She had a remarkable ability to circle a nipple for a half hour and never find it. Now she is adopted and spoiled rotten!



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