Cassie is sick

This post won’t have any pictures, but that’s probably for the best. Cassie was totally fine as of midnight last night, but this morning she barfed up about 3 puddles. My first concern is Panleukopenia because a) I had a cat with it last year and it came on just as fast, and b) she just got to me from the shelter. I gave her subcuteaneous fluids (sub-q fluids is how I abbreviate it), and within minutes she tried some of her wet food. I gave her a few hours, and she has moved on to eating more of her dry food. I think this means it isn’t Panleuk. I still have to keep a close eye on her.

I feel terrible about what you have to do to a cat who is already sick. First, I stuck her with a needle and gave her a hump on her back. After she had some nap time, I shoved a thermometer in her rear end. Her temp was pretty normal (100.5°F), but she is still down. Fortunately, Cassie seems to know I am helping her. Many cats don’t see it that way.

I am planning to take her kittens on a field trip to the shelter today while I discuss the manual in progress with the foster coordinator. It should give her time to convalesce. Cross your fingers for poor Cassie!


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