Purple, sparkly loot

Purple Sparkly Let’s just get right to it – it found this purple, sparkly yarn this week. It was only $4 for 1000 yards, so I bought a whole bunch. The thing is, I went to the yarn store after a doctor’s appointment but before meeting my husband for lunch. I stuffed it in my purse (I keep a big purse so I can knit wherever I am) and went on to eat. I didn’t mention the yarn to Michael. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t care, and it was pretty cheap.

While we were eating lunch, though, I left my purse open. The yarn was peeking out the top, just to see what I could possibly be doing that would keep me from coming home and swatching with it. When Michael saw the yarn, he asked if I was planning to tell him about it. I told him it didn’t really matter and I didn’t think he would care.

Well, that’s when things got serious. Michael said he thought I had a problem. I was buying yarn in secret, I was buying yarn when I already have a lot, and I was buying alone. “You are a yarn-oholic,” he tells me. Gee, ya think? 🙂

The kittens are still doing well. Orion, it turns out, always leans like that in the litter box. I crack up every time I see it. I wonder if he’ll do it when he grows up?

Most of the kittens have just started to play with objects other than their siblings. I keep a lot of “trash-to-treasure” toys like the caps from soda bottles, toilet paper tubes, and other interesting things that kittens would play with, but I can dispose of when they move on. Using these disposable toys helps to prevent spreading any illness, and we are recycling. Oh, and they’re free. Fostering kittens isn’t cheap, so free supplies are awesome.


One thought on “Purple, sparkly loot

  1. Purple Sparkly yarn. No you don’t have a yarn problem. You have good taste. I would have bought it. There aren’t any good yarn shops near me. Would you get me some if you run into it again?

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