An announcement

I am pround to announce that once again, I am a mother!

Yesterday I received a mom and her four kittens. They are:

Cassie – short for Cassiopeia, the Queen (the mom cat), Cassie,

Lyra (the girl), Lyra eating

Argo (boy#1),Argo

Leo (boy#2), Leo

and Orion (boy #3)Orion taking a dump.

We named them after constellations. I think the next kittens we name will be after stars. In any case, how cute are they?!

I kind of feel bad about photographing Orion in such a compromising position, but he was so funny. I think the kittens just learned to use the potty on their own, so they have terribly amusing reactions to the box. Poor Orion just kept squeezing and leaning… too funny!

The kittens are all super friendly. They love laptime and eating. Especially eating. Did I mention they like food. Holy cow, they can eat. Warm up the food and watch out!

This is the easiest type of foster I ever take. They have a mom, they are just eating on their own, they don’t have behavior problems, and they are healthy. It’s barely any work, so I get to play with them all day.

Michael was happy to come home to the kittens! He has become a fan of the babies over the years.

Michael likes kittens

Final note: Carisa and I went to a knitting party this evening. It was low key with just 4 knitters making stuff. Afterward, we went to the grocery store. As we passed through an aisle, Carisa thought to herself “That’s odd. They sell knitting needles here?” Then she realized out loud that she is a knitting nerd – they were skewers!


2 thoughts on “An announcement

  1. That picture of Michael is more amusing than Orion’s potty pic! Michael is just giddy to hold the kitten, and yet if you just zoom in on his hand, he looks like an evil genious taking his revenge on a helpless kitten. Pretty goofy stuff!

  2. Mwaa ha ha! I come to squeeze your kittens! Fear me!

    Nah, they’re just adorable little munchkins. Yay – we finally have kittens!

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