Poor Buttercup

Yesterday, my poor Buttercup had to get her teeth cleaned. She had these really thick scales around her teeth, and since she already has a congenital kidney defect, I prefer to get her teeth cleaned before there is a problem. Look at the poor thing:

Angry Butters

She walked around the entire evening yesterday with that surly/doped up look on her face. She spent a lot of time just sitting in front of the fireplace, which is where I feed the cats. I only let her eat a little bit at a time. The problem is that she was starving, and she already has a tendency to eat so fast that she throws up when she’s not fresh from surgery. I let her eat for a few minutes, then put the food out of her reach. I felt so bad about it, but that’s part of being a parent: sometimes you have do things that upset the kids, but it’s for their own good.

I had a small scare yesterday. After Michael dropped her off at the vet’s office, but before he got home, the vet called me. Apparently Butters lost about a pound and a half since November. We have been watching her weight, but just to be on the safe side I authorized the vet to do a blood test to rule out kidney trouble and thyroid dysfunction.

Wesley had a vet visit, too. He has been breathing badly, probably because of allergies. The vet said he needs his teeth cleaned, too (his appointment is in a few weeks), but she wanted to do blood tests first. He, by the way, gained a half pound.

I did manage to get some work done in the garden on Sunday. I am going out to finish the rest of the planting this morning, but here is the stuff that I already had in the garden. It’s just so pretty!

Colorful Garden

One last thing – I had an email this morning saying that there is a mom and kittens available for foster. I spoke to the foster coordinator, and she said that I could have them when they are no longer on hold (the shelter has a 5-day hold in case someone lost the animal that was surrendered), but there is a condition: I have to willing to trade them in to another foster parent when the bottle feeders come in. DEAL! I just want any kittens right now, but my heart is with the tiny orphans. Maybe this will give me the motivation I need to finish the manual (which is coming along).


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