Progress, preparations and Abbey

My husband and I are planning to travel to Florida to see some old friends soon. By soon I mean Thursday. I am going to try to meet my posting goals this week and next, but please forgive me if I don’t find the time. I’ll take nice pictures in Florida and post them the first chance I get. Our plans are loose, mostly involving a trip to a friend’s beach house, a trip to Disney, a birthday or two… I just have to remember to take the camera and the USB cable that connects it to the computer.

Flying stresses me out. I’m not afraid of it or anything, it’s just that I feel so terribly confined on a plane. I should point out that if I’m saying something like that, it’s a big deal – I am just under 5’1″.

I have real sympathy for tall people when I am sitting in one of those airline seats. It’s funny, because it’s generally envy I feel about height. The lack of height can just be so stinking depressing. No one seems to be able to see me, especially in this age of multifunctional cell phones. When I meet my husband for lunch, I am often trampled by a business person looking at his Blackberry while climbing the escalator from the train station. I rarely receive an apology when they slam into me – it’s like they just hit an irregularity in the sidewalk. Meanwhile, I’m straining not to fall face first onto that sidewalk. Today I got a new one – I parked my grocery cart right outside of a tight aisle and moved two feet away to look at some Easter candy. Well, this woman came by and looked over the top of the aisles, but not just a few inches downward to the person right in front of her. She just walked off with my cart, I guess assuming it was abandoned. The worst one was a day when I was crossing the street at a cross walk (in front of a middle school no less, where the people are generally about as short as me, maybe a little taller), and a lady on her cell phone in an SUV just made a turn and nearly ran me over in the middle of the street. The crossing guard at least saw me (she was a little height impaired as well) and yelled at the vehicle as it obliviously zoomed past. I think that a lot of pedestrian versus car accidents happen that way – the driver of a big vehicle just doesn’t take a moment to look down off that high perch. I wonder just how many near misses that particular driver had. Wow, I had no idea I was so impassioned about this subject!

I always bring knitting with me on the plane. The knitting is at least something compact that I can do for the cross country ordeal. I made a swatch for a pair of socks I intend to make on the trip.

Tiny swatch

I am particularly fond of the colorway – muted shades of blue and purple with off-white accents. The yarn is called Austermann Step and I am using 2.25mm/size 1 needles. I have absolutely no idea what sort of ribbing I want to do, or if I want lace work, or if I just want it plain. The only thing I do know is that I can’t do any really fancy patterns or it just won’t show well with the multitude of colors.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the kilt socks.

Kilt hose progress

I think I need to knit about 3 more inches of ribbing before I knit the flat portion that hides under the part of the sock that folds down. The problem with making these things without a pattern is that it is all guessing for the first sock. The second sock flies, though. That is, if I can get past second sock syndrome. There is just something about the second sock (or glove) that can just wreck a knitter. I generally solve that problem by casting on the second sock as soon as I finish the first.

Calf shaping

Anyway, I just thought I would give you a close up view of how the added rows look. It can be very tricky to add rows in a fashion that doesn’t make the sock look all stretched out or sloppy. I’ve solved that problem through research. I have been very sick lately (breathing trouble) and I’ve had to do a lot of watching my classmates in dance class. If I sit on the correct side of the room, all the men (and the backs of their kilt hose) are facing me, so I can study all I like without asking someone to do something awkward.

Finally, I can talk a little about my “job” such as it is. Since it is not kitten season, I have no tiny little foster babies to love and snuggle and gush about. During the winter months, I am able to take different sorts of cases. This time I took in Abbey. She was rescued through the shelter’s Feral Fix program. As I understand it, Abbey was found at 5 months old and she was terrified of people. Her first foster mom got her to come around, then started passing Abbey around to other homes for a few weeks at a time to get the poor thing used to the life that was coming at the shelter. Understand that life isn’t that bad at the shelter she is in. She gets a condo that has a tv, toys, a cat tree, and other fun things. Volunteers come by to socialize her and spoil her rotten. She was accepted a few days ago and is now available!

In any case, this is the sweetheart I was hosting for 3 weeks. Notice that her left ear (your right) has the tip removed – that designates that she has been trapped and spayed. If she had to be released to her feral colony, those who care for her group would know that she is no longer reproducing and can be left alone. In the second picture she has her tail down, which I have only seen rarely. Usually she keeps it draped over her shoulder like a mink stole. She is so pretty. I wish I could convince my husband (but more importantly Buttercup) that we need another cat.

Abbey Abs of Fluff

I am baking a cake tonight for Carisa. I must love her – it’s a regular cake full of gluten, which of course I can no longer eat. Well, I do cheat (and I told my doctor, which she said is only human and not likely lethal, so there!), so I might just have a small piece tomorrow. I’d rather do it then than the day before I have to fly. It’s no fun to have digestive trouble on a plane, let me tell you. In general I am really good about the gluten intolerance thing though, especially now that gluten-free bread/cake/cookies etc. are getting easier to find.


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